Thomas C Kern Jr
grew up on a farm in Minnesota  He now resides in Fort Collins, Colorado with his family and 15 various animals In 2005 He began to study in Gung Fu and earned a black belt  For the last 17 years, he  has studied with Soke Rod Sacharnowski, founder of Juko Kai International. Thomas  is a 7th degree black belt in Karate, Tai Ki, KiJutsu and Toho.

More about Juko-Kai International

Soke Rod Sacharnoski is the Founder/Head Of Family of Juko-Kai International which is one of the oldest, traditional martial arts unions in the United States. In the Orient he is considered to be one of the West’s highest graded, non-Asian martial arts masters. This remarkable, traditional martial artist has more than 60 years of training to his credit (1950-present), and has earned his dan rankings under traditional Asian masters and/or their official representatives. Rod Sacharnoski is one of the few non-Asians to have documented Japanese recognition and sponsorship as a Soke Head-Founder. He is the recognized Soke Shodai (1st Generation Head Founder) of the Juko-ryu and Juko-Kai Nihon-ryu style of martial arts. In addition, he developed and founded Combat-Ki™ and Tai-Ki© which are world renown systems. 

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