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Our daughter has been studying martial arts with Thomas for six years and we couldn't be more pleased. She has gained tremendous strength, balance, and self-awareness through the combination of martial arts that he has walked his students through. Thomas pushes his students and challenges them to be their best, but he is fun and personable at the same time. We would encourage anyone considering martial arts for their child to give Thomas a call!

Debbie and Dennis

About Juko-Kai International

Soke Rod Sacharnoski is the Founder/Head Of Family of Juko-Kai International which is one of the oldest, traditional martial arts unions in the United States. In the Orient he is considered to be one of the West’s highest graded, non-Asian martial arts masters. This remarkable, traditional martial artist has more than 50 years Read More...


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Tonfa Kata

Front Strike

National Convention 2022

Teaching rolls and falls

Downward Strike


Jr. Black Belts


Teaching a bow


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